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    Xbox360 Game Conan's full achievement list (to all Chinese)


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. 1. Hands ON-10 Points-5 Grapple Kills.
      Then non-cold weapon kills 5 people (B X-inverted onion; B Y-broken back)
      2. Man handle-15 Points-50 Grapple Kills .
      The non -cold weapon kill 50 people (B X -inverted onion; B Y -Broken Back)
      3. Death Grip -20 POINTS -250 Grapple Kills.
      People (B X -inverted onion; B Y -Broken Back)
      4. Fatal Touch -30 POINTS -500 Grapple Kills.
      -Wat back)
      5. Shish Kabob-10 Points-IMPale An Enemy.
      stabbing/killed 1 enemy
      6. /Die 100 enemies
      7. Now you see it, now you do'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'TSARM An Enemy.
      8. Master Looter-30 POINTS-DISARM 100 ENEMIES.
      Kill 100 ENEMIES BY BY BOULDER Throw.
      This is killed with throwing objects (stones/wooden boxes) (must be killed) 100 enemies
      10. Free fall-10 point-kill an engine.
      This throwing to death 1 enemy
      11. Death Rain-30 Points-Kill 100 ENEMIES by Death Fall.
      100 people
      13. Chop Shop-20 POINTS-500.
      500 people
      14. R n 1,000 people
      15. Parry Farm-10 POINTS-PERFORM Every Kill Move.
      100 Parry Kills.
      This 100 times
      17. Parry King-20 POINTS-200 Parry Kills.
      The anti-flash complete
      18. Chained Attacker-10 POINTS-COMBO COUNTER Reaches 100.
      The number of continuous strikes 100
      19. Chain of Fools-20 POINTS-COMBO COUNTER Reaches 325.
      The number of continuous strikes 325
      20. More Enemes.
      The at least 5 people at the same time
      21. Treasure Seeker-10 Points-Find 5 TREASURE Chests.
      Find 5 treasure chests
      22. Treasure Hunter-20 Points-Find 50 50 50 Treasure Chests.
      Find 50 treasure chests
      find all the treasure chests
      24. Noble Conan-Save a Maiden.
      to rescue a beautiful woman ~
      25. Seeker-10 points-activity 5 run.
      The start 5
      26. United-20 points-activity all run. n Start all the red soul seal
      27. The legendary Set-10 POINTS-COLLECT All ARMOR PIECES.
      Nhard difficulty customs clearance
      29. Master Conan-50 POINTS-COMPLETE The Game on King Mode.
      KING difficulty customs clearance customs clearance
      30. Bill of health-20 points-find all health meter powerups.
      Open all the recovery seal (green soul)
      31. Open all the power seal (blue soul)
      32. Rush-20 POINTS-FIND All Song Meter Powerups.
      Open all the songs of death (red soul)
      33. -Rl One-Handed Blade Attacks master.
      is proficient in all one-handed weapon moves
      34. Master Two-Handed Swordsman-10 POINTS-ALL TWO-Handed Blade Attacks mastered.
      Bacviring all the two hand-held weapons
      This of at least 25 small black men on the boat of squid
      37. Losing His Mind-20 POINTS-a Captain with a shield. n beheaded by a shield (shield Sword shield-yxx)
      38. -40 points-complete a mission with taking any damage.
      non-injury to pass one level (no injuries after customs clearance)
      39. High and mighty- 10 POINTS-SCORE 20000 POINTS in a Level.
      Plus 2000 points
      40. The bloody crown-40 points-score 100000 Total Points.
      Total score 100000
      ---------- --------------------------------------------

      41. Streangth of 10 Men -40 POINTS -KILL 10 or More Enems.
      kills at least 10 people at the same time (black hole magic, the last place where the little black people jumps are better)
      42. Demon Slayer -20 points-Defeat the Elephant Demon in the Kush caves and obtain The Ward of the Abyss.rn打败骷髅象神rn43. Defeat Cleavers Army - 10 points - Defeat the Bone Cleaver and his army in Barachan Isles and obtain The dest by the big bald head and his army
      44. Dragon Slayer -10 POINTS -Defeat The Sand Dragon in the Lost City Obtain the Ward of the Earth.
      Dead Salon (that is, the big lizard ~)
      45. Snake Charmer -20 POINTS -Defeat The Sorceress Queen in Stygia and Obtain the Ward of Souls.
      Hero -20 Points -Save All Maidens.
      Save all beauties (yy ~~) ​​
      47. Sink the squid -30 points -defend the ship and defeat the giant squid. N to kill squid r r r r r r
      48. Whos Your Daddy? -30 Points -Defeat The Bone Cleaver in Argos and Obtain the Ward of the Departed.
      Into the in the ocean ruins and complete the game.
      finish the game and send the beard to the uncle's house

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