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    Who knows Xiamen Mahjong gameplay?


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    1. Rubbing and cards rely on your hands, and agree with this statement.
      What is your hand, and the understanding is different.
      The saying that your hand is full of energy, and you say that your hand is wealth.
      This is talking about your mentality, and you say that your hand is a card.
      What is the strength of the hand.
      The summary summary and then considering, your hand can be said to be luck.
      This to rubbing the hemp is merged together, saying that there are contradictions and uniform.
      The influence of each other must change and interact with energy.
      It wants to have a good hand, and it is exciting for leisure and entertainment.
      This and cards, how much time is, happy to be sweet.
      It to win the card is not negotiated, can you look at the card.
      What is good to analyze from the mentality.
      This is talking about your mind, and you want to gather together.
      It first talk about the rules of the character, only to be qualified to talk about it.
      This must be measured, moderate and confident.
      The shame is too rude, self -injured feelings have no emotions.
      This is a taboo for playing cards.
      Is thinking about it, upset and disgusting.
      This cards don't be angry, complaining about the sky is not good.
      This cards and scolding streets are lacking in education. It is not easy to get angry.
      Ilades to rub are afraid of irregularities, and love to get bile and feet.
      has a problem with virtue, how can you be good at it.
      This is so good when you are angry, and you are too casual to play cards.
      Buying forgotten and consciousness, the pride must be defeated.
      It is afraid of losing easy, the more anxious.
      Is calm and confident, usually the most desirable mentality.
      Where is good to be good, and then analyze from the card skills.
      This cards must have a good body, and I am energetic.
      This is irregular, changing and attractive.
      If there is no secret to the card, the skills and experience are the first.
      This to grasp the skills, be considered according to the power of the card.
      rolling the oblivion of the fascination, with the courage to seize the opportunity.
      The wisdom fighting and playing fake drama, I wonder the most surprisingly.
      It yin and yang wrong cards pair, intention to realize the most exciting.
      This back and far -sightedness, bump your hands.
      In the Zhuangzhuang to look at the nourishment, knowing that there is a drama.
      The good cards to cherish, planning carefully.
      This is wrong, and it is not easy to find it again.
      What is good to be good, analyzed above.
      The mentality is not separated, and the relationship between the two is the closest.
      If want to have a good hand, psychological quality add some skills.
      This operation is probable, key issues to seize opportunities.
      In want to have a good hand, you must keep the purpose of rubbing.
      This is to play with Zhongle, don't lose your temper because of your hands.
      If want to have a good hand, you must work hard.
      This is good or bad in quality, good quality people praise.
      How to evaluate the good or bad hand, better, more negative, good hand.
      It is too narrow to see the winning or losing, and there are standards to consider.
      As long as you play fun, your hands are not good.
      As long as you are not gambling, you can talk about it.
      In order to play with fun, rubbing the wisdom to talk about it.
      The common matter of winning and defeating soldiers, Zhu Jun has a good hand.

      It mahjong to win cards, each of which has half of luck and skills. Although Mahjong did not have the correct way to play, it was necessary to look at the development of the brand at the time, but there were some principles and concepts to be established first.
      Different cards have different processing methods
      Is with 144 mahjong cards, deduct 8 flowers cards, 16 sea cards, each has taken 16 cards, and the remaining cards on the bottom of the sea only have only cards on the bottom of the sea. There are 56 left, and the average person can only touch 14 cards per person.
      · Get ​​a good card, you can play a card, causing the opponent to eat and touch, so that you can touch the card at a faster speed, and reduce the opportunity of the enemy to eat and touch in the future.
      · Get ​​the medium card, if it is not enough, you don't have to rush to dismantle or make cards. First, follow the tie to avoid letting the enemy's family eat and touch the card. However, if there are too many cards, the extra bias must be removed.
      · If the card is too bad, it can be forced to be for the purpose, so that the bureau's stream bureau or ask for no gun. Try to play with the cards, hold the card of the next family, and the card of Wangjia
      The tips of the card
      · Before touching the card After a long time, you usually play cards first, and then you can play with a partial one.
      · If you play a number of cards at the beginning, or even dismantle cards, this person may be very good, so beware of it.
      · Having a certain color card, you must beware of the big name.
      · I have never played a certain color card, or there may be problems. He may be making a color or mixing, do n’t want to lose that card
      · If it is a listening card stage, if a certain family runs Fifty thousand, be careful of your 140,000 and 69,000.
      · A certain family first disassembled 10,000 or 20,000, that is, there may be 40,000 or 50,000 Shunzi in the hand. He is very hungry for 30,000 to 60,000.
      The type of listening card
      · Listening to multiple door: one sequence usually listens to several holes, such as two three four five, listening to 25th, 23456, listening to 147. However, it should be noted that some cards in Hu may destroy the card type (such as one dragon, Pinghu ...)
      · listening monotonous: and a single card, to make a pair (the card) r r
      · Listening to the hole: for example, 240,000, listening to 30,000.
      · Listening side Zhang: For example, 780,000, listening to 90,000.
      · Listen to the right: there are two groups of pairs, as long as you make a group of engravings and the other group, so listen to two
      · Avoid the same cards as you listen to the family, avoid He was shouted by the earlier family.
      Itta other precautions
      · Do not fix the card in some kind of order, so as not to see the card type
      · Eat and touch the card. N · Check your cards first, see that it is easier to make that card · Leave the middle card, it is easier to make up for

      of the mahjong wins
      1.147, 258 rules : Losing 10,000 in the next family, 3, 4,70,000 basically do not eat, 2 or 50,000 may be eaten;
      2. The card is more than half a long.
      3. The card is not hung. It is best not to move the card. You have to be familiar with it. If you move the card, you may eat big names;
      4. 5, 6 or 80,000, be careful to hit 40,000;
      5. Losted 80,000 or 90,000 in the next family. There may be 40,000 to 70,000 in your hands. n6. Start a few laps. Except for the embedded Zhang and the side, it is best not to eat the two at both ends. When you go to other Zhang, wait for the card to get this card, he will play it;
      7. There are 11,000 in your hand, 20,000 pairs of such cards, and others lose 30,000. If you have mixed (versatile), do not eat (except for hearing);
      8. If you can't play, you may have to open, at least two laps and then play again;
      9. There are 70,000 touches outside, 80,000 to two photos, and 90,000 people are basically touched;
      10. Shi first throwing up, and then losing the wind, but the wind of the hand should not exceed two;
      11. There is no mix (wild) listening, such as 20 or 50,000, and the upper family will lose 2 or 50,000. If You can listen to 2, 5, 8, there is no need to eat;
      12. Do not hang up a single piece that has not been seen before. Son;
      13. Starting a few laps, some people loses the east wind, there is something in the hand, and the western wind must be lost first. Because someone may take the west wind right, others will be rotated by you, and you may still take it.

      This tactics I know
      ① How to guess the cards
      The content of guessing cards:
      (1) During the offensive: the Zhang you want to go, go to the family Do you have? Should he not fight? Has been listened, would they fight? Do you just fight?
      (2) During the trend: What card do they want? What cards do they listen to? The offensive is to ask yourself as soon as possible, and go out as soon as possible to avoid others. When taking the trend, we strive to guess accuracy to reduce the scope of the card, and give yourself a way out.
      The guessing cards:
      (1) Preliminary: Which road card is probably the next family. When this card is played, someone probably wants to touch, eat, or harmony.
      (2) Iron fixed: This card must be played, there must be someone to come out, and it must be a certain family. The former is general, and the answer can be obtained according to statistics and observations; the latter is certain, and the answer can be obtained by the individual.
      What is the basis for guessing cards?
      Guessing cards always make judgments based on various phenomena. Before enumerating and analyzing these phenomena, you must first explain: Although the following phenomena are lifted separately, it seems that it is individual, but this phenomenon is actually connected with each other.
      The following is the phenomenon of guessing cards:
      (1) The card in the river
      is the cards played by the four. For example: I saw two sheets. If you still have a whiteboard in your hand, no one wants, and no one will call you again. This example seems too naive, but you can infer from this example. For example, there are three pieces of eight tubes and one of the nine cylinders, and you have seven or eight bumpers in your hand, and you must eat it or out (if you have listened to Zhang). For example, there are few 50 or 60,000 in the river, and 40,000 to 70,000 are cards that are easy to eat or harmonize. Don't think that this phenomenon is obvious. Many enlisted people have ignored this phenomenon and made a mistake. I lost my own good opportunity; or I thought that 10,000 had seen three or four times (taking 50 or 60,000 as an example), and 40,000 were also available. This is the preliminary concept of guessing cards; and most of the mature accurate guesses are built on the initial concept.
      (2) The order of other people playing cards
      It this point we have already said in the section of "control", and we should always remember the cards played by others at any time. Tay that one first, and then do you call this one? It must make sense. For example: Two tubes in the upper family first, and then fourth. He may be disassembled; maybe he caught a five -barrel when he hit the second cylinder, and he was grabbed in the six cylinders (because there were four tubes and one pair), or there were still three or six cylinders; maybe When the second cylinder is hit, grab a six tube, and the seven cylinders are grabbed in the fourth cylinder. If you first hit the four tube first, then the second tube. He may be disassembled; maybe there was a tube and one pair, so he first hit the four tube, not eclipsed, and when he hit the second cylinder, he hoped to touch one barrel, or made a pair of mahjong. Any card can be studied, and any card will provide a kind of information because no one will play cards for no reason. Some people may say: I just play cards for no reason. No, sometimes you play cards, because the cards in your hand
      are idle, and this is also a kind of information, which is also the reason. Let's further explain below. The two tube first, and then the four tubes are a common example: first hit the four tubes, and then the second tube is abnormal. Because the second tube is close and nine. All abnormal play often contain obvious truths. If the family first hit the four tubes first, and then hit the second tube, and the river had not been seen in the river, and he had a pair in his hand, and he would be more confident. If you can have other phenomena to prove this, then there is a barrel, one pair or a hurdle in the house, and you can accurately confirm it. According to the phenomenon of guessing cards, they are connected with each other, which is an example. Of course this is the simplest.
      (3) The posture of playing cards
      It is a big name in the hand, and a special tension or excessive mental state appeared, like a number of cards for thirteen cards. You can consider the cards; before listening to the one, he deliberately hit the card a little more and desperately pat on the table; he was trying to eat a certain card, was touched by the home, and re -got the half of the card. Shin; I want to touch it without touching ... All these actions tell you virtually: He has a few cards in his hands, and it is generally not wrong. A person with unskilled mahjong techniques has this type of expression of almost every card; and sometimes the skilled person is inevitable. You can always know a few cards in his hand, and then prove it from the side to prove it. Further know what cards in his hands are to play, eat, and reconcile.
      (4) The amazing language in the mouth "Ah!" Or similar sighs
      This most shows that a certain card is touched or grabbed; Make people inadvertently say a lot of words, and some clues can be found from these words. Words and gestures are sometimes created intentionally, but as long as he can remember what he said and moves, compare with the cards he spread out after the card and the cards, you can know his temper -whether he is true or modulus as a decoration or an model. Kun -like. Playing mahjong needs to apply psychology. If you can see the number of cards through the cards, coupled with psychological speculation, the kung fu of guesses will come.
      (five) The last few cards
      Is when there are four cards of the family (or the time is late, when the seven cards are left in the hand), after he grabbed one If you come, you can guess all the cards in his hand. However, this guess should be verified by the order of his previous playback cards and the cards he played by his home to get the correct answer. Otherwise it may not be accurate. After all kinds of cards have been played, the remaining cards can be clear at a glance. If others can listen to Zhang, there will be restrictions. At this time, you can find a "there is no coming". The answer (of course, there should be a proof of Bian Kun to determine). The five phenomena mentioned above can be used as a basis for guessing cards, but the most fundamental thing is to master the number of roads.
      (1) Middle, hair, and white, when you have a peaceful attempt.
      (2) After playing 2, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight, hit, nine, non -disassembly, that is, to go.
      (3) Disasuring the two ends, either there is a suspicion of doing it, or there is a lot of Dazhen.
      (4) first hit one first, then play two, tighten three or six.
      (5) Fight nine first, then hit eight, and tighten four or seven.
      (6) Open Da Sao, there is a good match.
      (7) If you want to eat or not, you must have the same cards.
      (8) If you want to touch it, you don't have to prevent it.
      (9) Mahjong head, do not three, four, six, and seven.
      (10) Entry 2 and eight are good clothes.
      (11) cards are complete, and half -cooked cards are needed.
      (12) , nine rare, must have the right.
      (13) Dangerous (refers to a big name or it will be caught) and will be born, and there must be big names in your hand.
      (14) Playing cards and disregarding, bad intentions.
      The is the easiest understanding of the above. If you can integrate and connect according to these examples, you can touch the way to guess the card.
      For example: After playing the center Zhang Zi, suddenly played another one from it (played from the original card, hit it with the grabbing, which is very big. Explain that "non -disassembly and layout, that is, to go to Zhang Zhang", how do these two be different? If you have five or eight ropes, and the family has a nine cables, of course you can want him to play an eight cables for you. In Suo, you don't have to wait for his Ba Suo anymore, because he is by no means a ride or an eight -cape. If you can see from another phenomenon, for example, there are no eight cables in the river, and the seven or nine cables have seen three pieces each, and he can determine that he has eight cables, one pair or one. Cove, replace a Jioso.
      , as: first, two, then two, although he must beware of three or six; however, maybe he simply disassembles one side and three pieces. Intersection Therefore, when applying this kind of road, you must also look forward to it before you can have a more reliable answer.
      Now, we need to further consider a more difficult factor as a basis for guessing cards. "How did he play cards?" This is really the most important factor. More thoroughly, what is the number of ways to play cards? What is the level of his mahjong skills? Has he has a special card? Sun Tzu's military law is so -called: "Knowing and knowing the other way, you can overcome the enemy." This principle should also be applied. According to our experience, mahjong skills can be divided into upper, middle and lower levels. And these three levels are distinguished according to the following phenomena:
      (1) Six cylinders will not be replaced, such as seven, eight, and nine cylinders. Tube -Mahjong skills of such people can only manage ready -made cards, and the idea of ​​changing a hit cannot be produced. Of course, listening to Sanjiao and not listening, and the problems that are familiar with it are also included. This is a subordinate.
      (2) The same example of grabbing the six tubes will hit nine cylinders. It can be changed to the nine barrels, indicating that the nine barrels have been seen clearly, and it is not easy to give people cheap. He has understood the difference between life, and in the process of fulfilling the full card, it will not be eclipsed. This is intermediate.
      (3) The same example of grabbing the nine cylinders and changing the six tubes. The danger is less and can be lifted and the death restrictions of Zhang Zi, who are familiar with Zhang Zi, is obviously a higher -level skill. Not only can he see through the separation of Zhang Zhang, but also adapt to time, randomly respond to the point of
      . This is a superior.
      The people also use another phenomenon to distinguish:
      lower -level -I do n’t know how to listen to one, four, and seven, four, seven, for example, there are two, three, three, and four five. One six, I do n’t know how to fight three.
      Intermediate -listen to one, four, seven.
      n -upper -instead of listening to one, four, and seven, but listening to seven. The reason is the same as the aforementioned example. The lower family cares about themselves, and the middle -level person can take care of himself and has not yet become a realm. Among the factors of guessing cards, this estimation is the most fundamental; because if you do not have the correct estimation of the level of each entry, you will often suspect that your guess is wrong, and he thinks that the card he plays is unexpectedly out of expedition. Essence In fact, you are not thoughtful enough.
      For example: a family has eight or 90,000, and when it is scratched in 60,000, it must play 90,000 in the middle and lower skills, and the superior skills may not be the case. The subordinates are superior.

      This strategy at stage

      It is very important in Mahjong. Touching, eating, touching, and barbaris belong to the Zhang, and the cards are out. Therefore, the height of Mahjong skills and the victory of the competition are half of the cards, even more than half. Mahjong masters played "savvy", mainly on the "sacrifice".
      The importance of the card is:
      . First, the safety of the card can disrupt the order of the card;
      , the card can determine the use of each tactic; n third, the sacrifice card can promote the upgrade of others' listening;
      . The fourth, the card can destroy the strategic deployment of others;
      . n Sixth, the cards can be put into the whole person to eat;
      . Seventh, the card can confuse others and make yourself eat;
      especially playing trendy mahjong, you are savvy, no gun, no gun, no gun Not only to make others and 88 points, and you only lost 8 points. Therefore, as long as you are willing to refine, do not order or less, and have a few high cards, you can probably stabilize the voucher.
      1. In the early days, the single card was a single one
      The initial signs were generally one to four or five. There are 13 all -in -one cards, each of which has several long -single wind arrow cards, nine signs and Zhongzhong dangling. The order of the cards at this stage is generally: wind arrow cards, nine cards, and Zhongzhang's slutty cards. In the early stage of the card battle, it was generally the first wind and arrow card. The skills of typing cards are: to play the wind first, and then arrow. The order of playing the wind is: first hit the guest wind, then the wind and the wind, and finally hit, hair, and white, you can also put the windmill behind the arrow card. If there are more than eight or nine cards when they are equipped, and there are three pairs, they must be left, and the "one color" or "three yuan", "size and four loves" or "not rely on" , "Seven Stars Do not rely on" or "mixed one color" to work hard.
      2. The nine cards and staying
      During the line, if there is no wind and arrow idle, or the wind arrows have been idle, the middle Zhangzi, bar and cylinder (2 to 8 color points) It is easy to grasp the dependency, and it is inconvenient to play (but when the design card is designed, considering the "clearance", "mixed lack" and "lack of one door"), generally the first hand and Jiuxian Zhang, do it Because of the first and tails of Jiuxian Zhang, the opportunity to rely on Zhang is twice as less as Zhong Zhang, so on the table, after the wind and arrows, the various people play and Jiuxian Zhang. After getting the card, the card is not a wind arrow, and there is no nine. Seeing Zhongzhang or Bian Zhang, it shows that this card is better or the design is not rely on. There is not no succession for Mo Jiuzian's play. There are often several cases:
      (L) The brand of "clearing", "mixed", and "lack of one door" Said, the first and nine of the unnecessary door categories should be destroyed;
      (2) In the card, the existing cards, mounts or pairs are composed of Zhongzhong, so the design card bureau At that time, it is necessary to consider the possibility of "broken", no matter which one or nine cards, it can be killed; if there are more in the middle of the card, you are ready to rely on eating, touching, and catching the group. Consider leaving a single or nine swing of the single fishing card, and the hope is greater. Therefore, the case, nine to take the house, it is necessary to depend on the development of the brand;
      (3) If there are already L, 2, 3 or 7, 8, and 9 of the brand, So, when you play again, when you are idle, you should weigh with the "general high" and "sisters" designed. Is it?先后次序都要统筹考虑; rn(4)对于牌局组成的后期,在原有边张搭子8、9的基础上,抓进同类牌6时,即应打9留6,成6 , 8 embedded. The same is true for small heads. For example, on the basis of the original side L, 2, it should be played with a similar card, and you should also play a '2, 4 embedded.
      (5) All design Thirteen do not rely on the card. Except for the arrow wind, for the best, the best reservations, nine are the best, the best one can be extended to 4, 5 or 6 in the middle. From Zhang Chenghe, it is true that at this time, Mo Jiuzhang, not only cannot be killed, it should still be regarded as the superiority of the card. In the middle, once Zhang Cheng paired, that is, the superior Mahjong head of the good card. Similar to this, it is free and useful. Of course, it will not give up easily in the line.
      3. Take a house is related to victory or defeat, so each card must really grasp the security customs, try to achieve the opportunity that the cards they have not eaten, let the other family do not touch, let alone other homes have any houses to have any house. The possibility of Chenghe. In the actual battle of Mahjong, as long as the card potential enters the mid -market stage, the hands of each family will change all the time. After playing one to two patrol cards
      , the previous familiarity may have become a time at this time. I was born, and I thought it was a security card before, and now it is very likely to be a dangerous card. . Mahjong's house should formulate countermeasures and strategic tactics based on the changes on the card and table, so as to see the home, the silent home
      , and the home. What kind of color cards are played by the home, and what kind of color cards are eaten and touched. Because the card he eats and touch is the color that he needs in his hands; In this way, you can judge what kind of color you should keep in order to have the opportunity to eat and touch cards quickly. If the color in your hands, you also want to stay or give up. The card is quickly combined in the hand. Silent down home. Contrary to the family, the next family wants to rely on the cards played by your hand to judge the stay in your hand. If you will release the card Those who want to eat, of course, he will quickly eat a pair of cards to spread out, and call it. Therefore, when playing cards, try not to make the lower family eat the cards that he gives out, then It has become a very important thinking content. Staring at the right home. If you look at the home and silently, you must also stare at the home. In this way, what kind of cards do the three of them need, and even what cards may be needed. Knowing and knowing that they can fight all the best. For yourself, what kind of cards you want to do, what kind of favors to yourself, must consider thoroughly, so as to succeed in one fell swoop.
      4. nThe final stage is a stage when everyone is connected to the short soldiers, and the battle is determined to win the victory and defeat. There is no negligence at all. At the end of the person, there are two situations: one is two or one of the four, and still maintains listening to the cards. , Swaning machine food. But due to the level of development of the card, it has to be forced to play cards and entertainment battles. The others are mainly defensive, and finally they will end with less points. Safety cards. In fact, one of them or two has already given up listening to the card and adopted a combat plan for less points. This situation is not rare for all the masters of the whole altar. This situation is not rare. It is different from the first hand to entertain the table. Imagine that there is one or two low -handles on the table, which seems impossible to develop the battle to the final stage. Let ’s talk about the situation of several cards. When the card enters the late stage, it is full of danger for any house. In fact, some cards are not dangerous cards in many occasions, but they feel that they are not safe cards. This is caused by the influence of the KB concept of being fired. Therefore, during this period, each card is not a security card for the side of the house, so how to deal with these dangerous cards needs to be discussed further. In addition to the absolute security card (such as the word card east, the fourth picture), how many other cards are always dangerous. Now take the danger card of artillery as the focus to observe the changes in this point.
      The first: The dangerous card of the artillery refers to the card that the other party has listened to it. Once it appears, it can be achieved. If there is a card in his hand, it is not a dangerous card directly, but because this card is touched by the other party, he completes the state of hearing in Grand Fan, then this card should be regarded as a dangerous card.
      : If you can see the situation of the other party in the later stages of the mid -market war, then the type of card that has nothing to do with its Fantai can be regarded as a security card.
      Third: The risk of artillery can sometimes be speculated from the ways of various cards. Cut the cards with few types of houses, which are highly dangerous, especially for a lot of cards.
      Fourth: The dark hurdle in your hand and the card on the same line are the dangerous cards for fireworks. For example, there are 3 dark hurdles, 3 and 6 of the dark hurdle. When there is no such card on the desktop, someone may listen to the screaming cards of 3 or 6, and he and the card of the card. One -half of them are grasped in your hands, which can greatly prevent others from winning.
      ② High -dangerous cards
      The know that it is a fireproof card, no one will play out. However, if you encounter a highly dangerous card, it depends on the boldness of the household and what kind of expectations of the winner of the game. From the late stage to the final stage, if your own hand is not likely to constitute multiple cards, and the other party’s hand has a lot of signs, it is best to die. It even removed the face security card to pass the difficulty of the last two or two touches until the yellow card.
      ③ The processing method of the shelling card
      The first: At the end of the game, since the firing card cannot be played, it cannot stay in the hand alone, hindering yourself and the card. In this way, it is best to compile the dangerous cards to the hand card. This is the safest and most favorable combat method. Because of this, the left and right contact cards of this fire -releasing dangerous card have also been put on the insurance coefficient, which will not easily give up, which greatly reduces the danger.
      : Immediately withdrew from the victory circle. In the Mahjong brand competition, it is extremely wise to be able to withdraw from the victory circle as a circle. Especially the cards that listen to the cards, knowing the dangerous cards, but they are afraid that the cards that have disturbed the formation, but insisted on giving it out, and hope to pass the level. As everyone knows, this warfare will be victorious or defeated, and there will be no fifth and five or five opens.
      Third: There is no security card. In the dexterous cards, there are often people who feel that there is no security card in the hand. It is true that this is caused by artificially, which can be divided into two types: First, there are too many friends revealed in the hand, you can eat and eat, you have to touch it if you are hungry. As a result, the hand card was relatively reduced, the carriers were narrowed, and the adjustment surface was narrow. There are only a few cards on hand, that is, there is a situation where there is no security card, which causes a lot of confusion to yourself, and even the risk of fireworks. Secondly, although the unpreparedness of the front door was shown, 13 cards in one hand still felt that there was no security card to play, which was actually fear. According to the regular combat method, the statement of no security cards in the hand is unrealistic. As far as three opponents have listened to the cards, each one is usually listening to it, which means that the three are just called six types of standing cards. For the 13 hands in front of the door, at least half of the cards on hand are safe cards. Even if there are fewer people, it is not bad to have Zhang Zhang and others. The question is whether you are willing to listen and take a step back, and whether you know how to calculate the card. Therefore,
      is it safe to play a card, it must be approved by the technical level

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