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    What is the status quo of Hilton? After her grandpa donated 97%of her assets, did she still have money?


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “What is the status quo of Hilton? After her grandpa donated 97%of her assets, did she still have money?”
    1. Hilton still lives well now. After her grandpa donated 97%of her assets, she still had a lot of money, and she didn't need to worry about ordinary people at all.
      Pris Hilton is the originator of the world and Miss Qianjin. She has always shown people with a bold and unruly attitude. Although it is just an Internet celebrity, the influence in the entertainment industry is very great. In fact, in fact,, in fact, Hilton dropped out of school without graduating from high school, and then was out of control. She did not fall as soon as she was filming, acting, showing, and singing. As early as 2001, she was rated as the "New York Girls Trend Indicators". It is worth mentioning that in 2003, the large -scale video of Hilton and her boyfriend was exposed, and the two even paid the book. In the end, Hilton won the case and received more than 400,000 US dollars. Then she donated the money to the money to the money to the money to the money. Charity. In fact, after this incident, Hilton became more popular due to repeated media reports.
      Hilton is a master of love. She has been in love since she was 15 years old. She had been engaged three times and flickered once. In fact, her ex -boyfriend and fiance were as many as 22nd. More than 30, once known as the queen of Hollywood dating. Hilton has too many negative news, which also makes her family shy. Grandpa Babylon was also very disappointed. Hilton was the boss of the family. After she took her head, her brother and sister followed them. It really made Grandpa feel angry. Just in 2007, Hilton's Grandpa Baron announced that it would donate 97%of the net value of about $ 2.3 billion in assets to non -profit institutions Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Hilton's grandfather still said in a statement: "Rather than letting his grandchildren defeat the family property, it is better to do something good."
      After Hilton's grandfather donated money to the foundation, many people were worried about In the future, Hilton will have no money to spend, and he cannot live a thousand dollars. In fact, netizens' concerns are also superfluous, because Hilton does not need to inherit the heritage from Grandpa at all. His personal assets are even higher than Grandpa, reaching an amazing 3 billion US dollars. More importantly, she still has a family trust Fund can receive a lot of money from a trust fund. All in all, Hilton has no shortage of money at all. In the early days, Hilton began to use his reputation to lay out the business empire. In 2003, Hilton participated in the reality show "Simple Life" with her friend Nich. Exposure and advertising endorsement.
      In fact, in addition to participating in the reality show, Hilton also made a movie. In 2004, Hilton even produced an autobiography "Heirs' Self -Reading: A Gaze Behind the Pu", which was released inside. Many of her photos, this autobiography has become the best book for sales in New York. It is worth mentioning that Hilton also designed a jewelry brand line for Amazon, and later launched a game called Paris Hilton.
      In short, Hilton's life has always lived very well.

    2. It is still rich in one party. Even if you donate so much assets, you can still live happily and happiness. This is the benefits of richness in the base. And now it can continue to be charity, which does not affect life. It is said that eating and wearing is until Hildon died.

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