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    What configuration of a laptop for a large stand -alone game


    Sep 23, 2022

    It's okay to play stand -alone games! Similar to seven or eight g games! The computer configuration is troublesome! I am a little white for the computer! It's a laptop!

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    1. The laptop to play large stand -alone games requires that the CPU is at least i5. The graphics card must be independent Navidia card. The memory is 4G, and the hard disk is 500G or more.
      This configuration is the standard for measuring the performance of a computer.
      mainly depends on the following aspects:
      1, CPU
      mainly depends on frequency and secondary cache, third -level cache, core quantity. The higher the frequency, the larger the secondary cache, the larger the third -level cache, and the more cores. The faster the faster CPU, the only three -level cache affects the response speed.
      2, memory
      M memory access speed depends on the interface, the number of particles, and the storage size. Generally speaking, the larger the memory, the stronger the processing data capacity, and the speed of processing data depends on where the memory belongs Type type.
      3, motherboard
      mainly processing chips. The ability of i945 than i910 chips is stronger in processing data.
      4, hard disk
      The larger the hard disk stored in the hard disk. First of all, the data read and the speed of the hard disk is read and the speed of the hard disk. This is mainly to consider the high -speed hard disk in the laptop computers due to computer moving vibration and accidental scraping hard disk tablets and power consumption and heat dissipation.
      The hard disk speed is different due to different interfaces and different rates. Generally speaking, the IDE and SATA (that is, the serial port) interface. Earlier hard disks are mostly IDE interfaces. In contrast, the access speed ratio SATA interface is slower.
      5, graphics card
      It attention to the flow processing capacity of the graphics card, the size of the memory and the width of the memory, the better.

    2. Recommended computer models:
      1, Acer Aspire 4750G: 3880 yuan
      Specific configuration: i5-2430M, GT 540M independent display (1GB memory), 2GB memory, 500GB hard disk, DVD record, 2 USB2.0 1 USB3.0 interface, genuine win7, 14 inches, 6 -core battery, weighing 2.2 kg.

      2, Lenovo G470AH-IFI (dark brown): 3980 yuan
      Specific configuration: Core i5-2410M processor, equipped with Intel HM65 chipset, 2G memory and 500G hard disk, with DDR3 1G 1G 1G The HD 6370M independent graphics card, DVD burning, built -in wired, wireless, camera, pre -installed Win7, 14 -inch, 6 -core battery, dark brown, 2.4kg.

      3, Dell (Dell): 4399 yuan
      The setting: I5-2410M processor, Intel HM67 chipset, 2G memory, 500G hard disk (7200 rpm), 1G memory HD6630M independent independence Graphics card, DVD burning, built -in wired, wireless, Bluetooth, 1 million camera, 2 USB 3.0 1 USB 2.0 port, 8 -in -1 card reader, pre -installed Linux, 14 -inch, 6 -core battery, black/red can be available Choose, 2.44 kg.

      Recommended reasons: "You can play 3D games, at least there is no problem in playing Tianlong Babu, you can use ProE software" and "about 4000". I recommend the above three books. The hardware configuration is no problem. Paragraph 1 is the highest value and the highest cost performance. I personally recommend this. The other two craftsmanship and appearance are better. How to choose should be dependent on your own needs.

    3. Hello, according to your situation, you can consider Dell's latest good 14-inch special version, with 1600X900 high-definition display, use the third-generation smart Intel® Core ™ i5-3230M processor, 6G memory, 750G hard disk, GT GT, GT 640m 2GB graphics card, hard metal shell, more durable, good configuration, can well satisfy the use of design and large games. rn官方链接:/content/topics/reftopic.aspx/gen/misc/rep/?c=cn

    4. At present, the mainstream computers on the market can play this kind of game. The basic requirement is to display more than 1GB of 1GB

      of course, the higher the configuration, the better

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