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    What are the rules of the size of Texas?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Depu cards are generally divided into 10 types, from large to small:
      1, Royal Flush: The highest is the same flowers (one point) of the same flowers.
      2, Straight Flush: The same flower color, sequence card.
      3, Four of a Kind: There are four cards of the same point.
      4, fullhouse (fullhouse): Three cards of the same point, add a pair of other points.
      5, Flush, referred to as "flower": five cards of the same color.
      6, Shunzi (also known as "snake"): Five cards of Shunlian.
      7, Three of a Kind: There are three cards of the same point.
      8, two pairs (TWO PAIRS): Two cards of the same number, plus two other cards with the same number.
      9, one pair (one pair): two cards with the same number.
      10, high card (High Card): It does not conform to any of the card types above, consisting of a single card and non -continuous flowers, and the size is determined by points.
      The origin
      Tizhou poker, in the early 20th century, began in the town of Texaslous in the early 20th century. It is rumored that locals have invented a poker game that can participate in many people at the same time in order to eliminate time. So Texas Hold'em was born. In 1925, Texas Poker was first introduced to Dallas in Texas, and later passed to Las Vegas. Since then, Texas Hold'em has been carried forward by Mingsheng.
      The live broadcast and publicity of various international competitions with TV and media, especially the Internet. In the United States, if someone says that he is playing poker games, it is mostly playing Texas Hold'em. Texas Hold'em is favored by chess and card enthusiasts in various countries with its characteristics of learning and difficulty, and poker games.

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