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    What are the board games that are suitable for children to improve intelligence?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What are the board games that are suitable for children to improve intelligence?”
    1. Board games, as the name suggests, are playing on the desktop. I personally agree with children to play more board games. Many puzzle board games are very helpful for children to improve their intelligence. They can not only exercise their hands -on ability, but also promote the parent -child relationship between parents and children.
      Is when choosing a desktop game for your children, you must choose a board game that is suitable for their age groups. Preschool children are suitable for board games that improve concentration and memory. For example Open a clue card, there are 3 patterns on the clue card, let the baby find these three patterns in the game, and put your own mark on the pattern. Every time you look for one right, you will reward an game ring. In the end, the most one -side game ring won.

      It children with older children can choose more puzzle board games. Chess and card games can help children develop their own intelligence, and at the same time can exercise the child's logical thinking ability. While entertaining, it can also move the child's brain, make the mind more flexible and more sensitive.

      . Our family generally likes to play checked and fighting beasts with children. There are still many parents who will let their children learn Go and chess to improve their brain -motion ability. It can be seen that the benefits of these chess and card games.

      It also recommend Lego bricks. Many children love Lego bricks very much. Such small particles can train children's concentration and hands -on ability. Children need to be assembled. We can complete the work carefully and carefully to complete the work. In addition, you can develop your own creativity, develop your own imagination, and assemble the works created by themselves. It is a very fulfilling thing for children.

    2. Wuzi Chess is very suitable for children to improve their intelligence. Black and white chess pieces are easy to understand and help develop children's intelligence.

    3. The brain fighting is to find the pattern on the card that you open on the big picture. It is mainly to exercise concentration, memory and response speed, which is very suitable for parent -child to play together.

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