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    Seeking English and beautiful texts about food, introduce the kind of food in various places. essay.


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Hot-POT
      IT is a Must to Eat Hot-Pot in Chongqing. This is the home of hot-point in Other Places is not authentic, say chongqing natives, just a of the masters.
      It is said that the origin of hot-pot is related to the fact that Chongqing by water. The Yangtze and Rivers, like two dragons, energize Chongqing and dampen the air in the city. In order to save time, the porters working at the wharfs boiled various kinds of food in big pot and added some hot pepper and spices to ward off the cold. Slices of meat and were dropped into the pot, which was by thin iron sheets. The porters asked for some liquor, stripped off their clothes While Eating (Hot-Pot is Firey!) And Eating was often by Drinking Games.
      This is a hot pot that must be eaten in Chongqing. This is a hot pot. The hot pot is unreal elsewhere. It is just a copy of the copy of Chongqing.
      It is said to have a related fact, water around Chongqing. The Yangtze River and Jialing River, like dragons, revitalize Chongqing and reduce cities in the air. In order to save time, carry water cans and add some chili and spices at the dock to boil water cans and add some chili and spices to resist the cold. Put slices and vegetables into the tank, which is a split iron piece. Show the work to ask some wine, take off your clothes and eat (the flame of hot pot!) Eating is often accompanied by drinking water games.
      Tofu is a green healthy food invented by the alchemist of my country -King Huainan Liu An. To this day, it has a history of more than 2,100 years, which is loved by the people of my country, surrounding countries, and people in the world. Since its development, it has a complete variety, a variety of tricks, and has a unique flavor.受到各个国家人民的深深喜爱Tofu is Chinas -- Huainan king Liu An invention of green health food. Today, more than two thousand one hundred years of history, by our people, countries, and the people of the worlds favorite. so Far, Has the Full Range, variety, there are unique flavor, simple proces and eating. by the various national people s

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