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    Ninth grade English composition


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. In our ordinary daily life, everyone has written composition. With the help of composition, we can vent their emotions and regulate our mood. How to write a thoughtful and literary composition? The following is the nine -year English composition that I compiled for everyone. For reference only, you are welcome to read.
      In Ninth grade English essay 1 Golden Week Means Long Vacation. I M in Favor of the Existing of Golden Week. Every Year, I m looking forward to its coming. Home or go a travel if my pains would like to. It is very wonderful. A semester is very long, and I often Feel Tired after a semester. Thus, a little Long Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim Great. After I have a good rest, I can standy. having a good rest, Everyone would be full of Energy.
      Golden week means long vacation. I support the existence of the Golden Week. Every year I look forward to the arrival of the Golden Week. During the Golden Week, I can take a good rest at home or if my parents like it. I can also travel. It's great for a semester. After a semester, I often feel tired. Therefore, it is very good if I can have a long vacation in a long period of study. After I rest, I can learn effectively. After the rest is good, everyone will be full of energy. rn 九年级英语作文篇2 This summer, i had some special days. i joined dongzhou ecational exchange summer camp.rn first, i will tell you about our foreign teachers, they are shrina and rebecca. they are friendly and beautiful. they are students at oxford .rn we talked about many things: famous people, subjects in england, different jobs, our deal days, western star signs, what can we say in a and so on.r n we know Lots of Things, like what the is between "Chef" and "cook", all the parts of the body…
      we try to principal zhang. own comics and tried to sell it. we gave some other students english lessons, we taught them about chinese dragon, chinese martial arts and the olympics.rn every afternoon, we played exciting games: chinese whispers, tongue twisters, , egg And spoon, three legs ...
      on the last day, we have a good time. We make black tea. We put tea backs, some milk and lots of water in to a big bowl, and then we stirred the tea until it became red and dark. oh, it tasted good! later, we used eggs, flour and milk to make many pancakes. to cook them is very . when we finished it, the pancakes looked round and nice. we put some jam on it. How delicious! I want event forget it.
      the summer camp is a really good financial for me. I know the local thing in engine. Also Know Better Ways to Learn English Well.
      I Hope One Day I Can See You in England.
      IT Is Reported that the World's 6 Billion in the Year 200, AT growing faster and faster. The world's problem is the greatest one because it brings lots of problems, such as water resources problem, more and more people losing their jobs and so on.rn These problems are mainly in the countries because the of The Countries is Over 4/5 of the World's Popuation. So China, The Larget Country, has Kept the Policy "One Couple, One Child."
      Udied english since three ears ag. On wa t learning English, I have se was t shw u.
      first, we can cp the new wrds aging in rder t Reeber the wrds. as pssible. Be sure t chse tpics r bs u are in. Third, we can tal with friends and teachers as ften as pssible s that we will iprve ur speaing sills. Last, we shuld eep an English diar t iprve ur writing sills.
      I hpe i can help u. I hpe was are usedful fr u.
      The ninth grade English essay 5 dear Lucy,
      that of your last letter. You want to kules in our. School. Now let me tell you about them.
      we can't arrive late for class. We can't talk loudly in class. We should be quiet. To them. We can eat in the classroom, and we can'T time to make or play game in class.
      I think we had too many rules. What about your? nThis English essays 6 TODAY is Sunday, and it's a sunny day. We're on a school trip at t he Daming Lake Park. All the students are having a great time. Some are singing under a tall tree, some are dancing, some are taking photos, and others are drawing pictures. Look, some boy students are playing soccer over there.r n I think the trip is really relaxing.
      The ninth grade English essay. n ① Apple and Banana Ice-Cream.
      ②Orange and Pear Ice-Cream.
      ③ and Ice-Cream. N and what size cream would you like? We have large, Medium and Small Cups of Ice-Cream. We Also have juice, coke and geen tea.
      for and see for your safety! Last weekend all the teachers and students of Class1, Mount Tai. They met at the bus station at seven last Saturday morning and then they went to Mount Tai by bus. It took them about three hours to get there. They took some water and food With them. They Climbed Mou nt Tai and painted some paintings there. They also took many photos. They were tired, but they all thought it was a great school trip.rn 九年级英语作文篇9 Recently we held a class meeting to discuss the problem of crossing the street while the traffic light is red. As we could see, some don't obey traffic rule ,and jay-walk . This blocksrn traffic seriously affects drivers and causes accidents to happen, the safety of and drivers alike . In a word , proces negative effects and does not help to develop goodrn social behavior.rn It is really a pity to see all this in our society, and to deal with the situation , the has taken some measures. When caught , are so that they will become awarern of the dangers of doing this , or they are fined on the spot. Sometimes the traffic police will report to their workplace and expose them to the public. However, it Will Still take a long time to stop
      The ninth grade English essay articles 10 notice
      ol school will organize a volu nteer activity ring the coming summer holiday. The volunteer team will go to the rural areas to give poor children computer and English lessons. This activity aims to give arn chanc e to show and prove the students' abilities.r n This activity is arranged to last 7 days or so. It is planned to begin on July 10. The team members will be arranged to primary schools inrn different countries. Your main task is to teach those poor children how to rn use computer and learn English well.rn Anyone who has good English and computer knowledge is welcomedrn warmly. Those who are can contact 55886699 or e-mail torn volunteer @sina for further . Looking forward to your
      The ninth grade English essay 11 we often give money to the people in point or disasister-statures. How many, some prefer helping the with money. In their opinion, money can be used to build and can help people rebuild their hometowns, while sometimes the things are not what they need actually. But some other students think that giving used clothing to the people in those areas is better. Many people , in rich areas and in cities, have much clothing they no longer like or need. By giving it away to the people in need we can make the best use of it. Besides, we are just students ,and we have no income of our own. anyhow, no matter which way is better, we should try our best to help those who need help. It goes without saying that money and other donations can be veryrn 九年级英语作文篇12 There are different opinions among people as to the asteroid collision. Some think it is a trivial matter, but others think it is in danger. They all have their own opinions and reasons. If there is an asteroid collision, I think it will be very dangerous.rn First of all, it is almost that the asteroid struck the earth, when it was just a matter of time. Large Volumes of Asteroids that hit the econom and cause the apecie s are 1 times every one hundred million. This disaster occurred in the last 65 million years ago, which leading to the of dinosaurs. What's more, the asteroid collision makes the volcanic eruption. That would hit the human with the double whammy of reced proction and loss of , leading to food shortages and . Moreover, it will bring st and poisonous gas over the earth, so that climate changes. And many species will meet early death. Therefore, the impact of an asteroid on earth is one of the most prevalent fears of our age.rn 九年级英语作文篇13 Air pollution is one of the most serious problems in the world today. People make the air dirty with machines. Machines proce gases and smoke. Badly polluted air can cause sickness and even death. We want to stop pollution but we think it is a difficult problem to solve.rn Most of our pollution is caused by things that people need. and airplanes cause pollution. Factories cause air pollution too. But they also Provide jobs and proctor f or people. Every day thousands of and factories can add tons of pollution air. It is dangerous to people's health. It can damage the plants that provide us with food.rn Nobody likes air pollution. and engineers try their best To devert and factories that procel les aSS Pollution. People can work to give people to be more concentrnet the problem.
      is one of the most severe issues in the world in the world. People pollute the air because of using machines. The machine emits exhaust gas and smoke, and severe atmospheric pollution can cause disease or even death. We want to prohibit pollution, but this is a problem that is difficult to solve.
      D. Most pollution is caused by what factory people need. Car and aircraft cause pollution, and factories also cause air pollution. But they also provide work and products for people. Every day, tens of thousands of cars and aircraft plus emissions of air -contaminated air, it harms people's health, it will also destroy our food and plants.
      No one likes atmospheric pollution. Scientists and engineers are trying to improve cars and factories to cause them less pollution. People can join hands to ask businessmen to care more about this issue. rn 九年级英语作文篇14 Nothing can be done except little by little the French poet Charles once said. Most people however often ignore such a truth. So does the little boy shown in the picture. He expresses his worries to his father about disposing of nuclear waste but is told that he can achieve nothing if he doesn't empty the stbin first.rn Every single little thing you can do today matters. The truth has been tested for ages and thousands of great people have set good examples for us. For instance Leonardo da Vinci the world-renowned master in painting starts his career with repeated egg-drawing. Lu Xun the great man of letters reminded himself to get up early by the character "morning" on his desk .rn As students in my opinion we should aim high but at the same time we shall never measure a task by its size. All in all only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult Things Easily. French poet Charles once said that nothing can be done except little by little. However, most people often ignore such facts. The same is true of the little boy in the photo. He said he was worried about his father who handled the nuclear waste, but told him that he would have nothing to do if he did not clear the trash bin.
      The things you can do today. After many years of testing, thousands of great men have set a good example for us. For example, Da Vinci, a world -renowned painting master, began his career and repeatedly draws eggs. Lu Xun, the word great man, reminds himself to get up early and "morning" on his desk.
      , as a college student, in my opinion, we should strive to go upstream, but at the same time, we must not measure a task based on its size. In short, only those who have the patience to complete the simple work can easily complete the difficulties.
      The ninth grade English essay 15 These days we often hear that (our living are getting more and more service of the Been Destroyed.).
      Why Does Such Occur in Spite of Social Protector? For one thing,(the of the world is so rapidly that the world has been so crowded.)another,(the overuse of natural resources has the balance of natural ecology). What is more,since(the instrial ),it is natural that(a great number of factories have been springing up like mushrooms smoke and harmful chemicals released from factories also pollute the ).rn To solve the problem is not easy at all,but is worthying should do something such as(planting more trees,equipping cars with pollution-control devices and learning to recycling natural resources)to improve the present situation,and i do believe will be better in the future .rn 九年级英语作文篇16 What should i do ? I suddenly do not know why i lost myself. I do not believe anyone anymore. I started to hate myself. I feel in this world. There is nothing worth to believe. The most real, the most reliable is to rely on their own. Never want To related on other. What Reach Old Age Together Promise, Will Love You for a Lifetime of Words AR E false. It is just a sugar. It is like when you are down, someone gives you a candy to comfort you. After eating the candy, you may forget it in a fem. Love To related on other, becauer no one neededs to follow your footsteps. Not every will you, Will Really Treat You.
      The meaning of this article: What should I do? I suddenly didn't know why I lost myself. I no longer believe in anyone. I started to hate it myself. I feel that in this world, there is really nothing worthy to believe. The most real, the most reliable is to rely on yourself. Never think of relying on others. What kind of white -headed promises will love you all your life is fake. This is just a sugar. It's like when you fall, others give you a sugar to comfort you. You may forget after eating this sugar. Love and friendship are the same reason. Don't think about relying on others. Because no one needs to walk according to your feet. Not everyone will accommodate you and treat you sincerely.
      In Ninth grade English composition chapter 17 look! The Streets in zhao qing are often cryed. There are manycars, bus and taxis. They are running in the strees. Nature Park. DING Hu Is the Bigget Nature Park in my Town. In ding hu, there are many green mountains and tall trees. There are some rivers in it. The Air is Clean there, too.
      what a nice nature park! What a nice city!
      The English essay of the 9th grade 18 the cartoon aims at information us of the modesty., no once can deNy the of it.rn Modesty can inspire people to achieve greater success. Those who are modest will never be content with their current , instead, they will work to achieve a higher target.rn Moreover,a modest people are more Likely to be fitting in, Win Others' Trust and Enjoy a.
      to Further The of Modesty, I would like to take newton as a case in point He, one of the move of mo nkind, discover the Law of Momentum if he was simply content with the of finding Three Laws of Motion ?rn , at no time should we be satisfied with our small , instead , we need to keep an open mind to accept new things , absorb new , acquire new knowledge and seize new . "Success consists in instry and modesty." A once said.rn 九年级英语作文篇19 Modesty is one of the many qualities that cross - century young people should possess. It makes you foresee your .rn It gives you the impetus to go forward. Most important of all, it makes you and creates favorable for you in contacts.rn However, many young people do not seem to realize the of modesty. Some of them just feel satisfied with a little success, without the slightest desire to make further progress.rn Others have too high an opinion of , totally ignoring other people's and advice.rn , their immodesty often Drives them Up Against the Wall.
      Worst of All, Immodesty Takes Many Young People Away from THEIR And friends. TheReface they Find FID FEWER PeOOPLE WIM Whom THEY Can Confide.
      for you to be modest, the first thing to have a full of you. talented you are, you are unlikely to be all - powerful. In fact, you will always, in spite of your talents, find things about which you feel helpless.rn Besides, you should also admit other peoples strong points and try Your Best to Learn from THEM. If you keep the two point

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