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    Make a question why the half -life series is so famous


    Sep 23, 2022

    MOD products such as CS are half -life 1 and 2 listening to friends and said that they are very classic for introduction

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    1. In November 1998, Valve brought the first game after the company's establishment- "Half of Life". This is the first -person action game produced by the "Thunder Hammer II" engine. The storyline is mainly because Gordon Freeman, a researcher at the Heishan Lab, caused an experimental explosion and opened the passage of the outer space and the earth in an experiment, which caused a large number of alien creatures to occupy the laboratory. In order to cover up people's eyes, the government sent special forces to eliminate survivors and appearance creatures in the laboratory. In the end, Freeman found that all this was just the government's experiments, and they all became the victims of this experiment ... In China, "Half of the Back Article," Half of the Book Fate does not cause a lot of sensation, but it is undeniable that the success of "Half of Life" in the world has already indicated that it has the characteristics of all excellent games, and the launch of the first work has become Valve Software. Important cornerstone. The game "Tattoo of Tattoo", launched at the end of 1999, appeared as a sequel to "Half of Life". The first expansion of this "Half of Life" was developed by Gearbox Software. Blue Shift is also developed by Gearbox.

    2. It is the ancestor of the half -life of life. But half of his life live up to expectations, today is still the ancestor of the virtual shooting game. Who compete with?

    3. 1 can only be said to be classic. In 2005, I played when I was doing a network management. That effect is very good, comparable to N 3D games now. Especially water patterns, in that era. It is a very good game.

    4. Because of his classic plot ............ The whole game process is much more refreshing than watching a blockbuster, especially half of life 2. The classic plot is matched with the Source engine, perfect match. However, I did n’t get through for half of my life 1 for 3 years .............. It ’s easy to get lost, and sometimes I’ m afraid of the gloomy scene ................

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