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    How many men have the American lady Hilton followed


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The daughter of the giant, Hilton, worth $ 300 million, has a new goal recently, that is, the famous star of the Football Super Giant Real Madrid, the famous star, Clo. Together again.

      It opening Hilton's love history, in fact, is not called love history, it should be called abuse history. How many boyfriends have been made, and the number can not be counted. As for the long -term fixed boyfriend, it seems that I have never heard of it. In her history of love, there are many surprising history:

      The first boyfriend is a famous model, and has been in Hilton for about three years. This is her long boyfriend. Two People had already announced their engagement at the time, and they broke up; then, Hilton took a pattern with the boy back street, and broke up after three weeks together; then he talked with the son of the Greek shipbuilding giant and broke up. Teacher, a good show of the three women's competition, but it was also over in the summer; there was another Rick Salomon that revealed the sex video between them. It can be said that Hilton played with men between the palms of the stock.

      Prior to dating with Ronaldo, she just broke up with a athletes in the American baseball industry. Hilton was able to be together with Ronaldo. why?

      C Luo, is the most famous red and purple star in the football industry. The excellent ball skills can make the super wealthy Real Madrid team in the football industry. The first, such stars, for each woman, can be able to know or associate with each other. It should be a great thing.

      , so, for Cristiano Ronaldo, the giant lady Paris. It is not surprising that Hilton hooks into pairs. It is really not an accidental event. Hilton, the most rebellious girl, has suspicion of breaking back. After developing the goal of your favorite, we must get it, and then there will be news that C Luo and Hilton are together.

      may be able to dating Crole, Hilton showed pride, so on the PARTY they opened, Hilton did not conceal the favor and charm of Ronaldo, and took the initiative to kiss C Ronaldo. Of course, C Luo also voted for the peach, and kissed it with incense, hehe.

      The process between this, MS is the active seduce of Hilton. In fact, for C Luo, we will not be too unfamiliar. He is excellent on the court, and his private life is also very "color".

      The girlfriend C Ronal's girlfriend is not countless. As for the woman who is happy with him overnight, it is beyond counting. Without it, the ball skills are outstanding. There will be quite a lot of female fans in the country. It is said that there is a man who looks similar to C Luo, and he uses the characteristics of his like Ronaldo to go to bed with countless women. This shows the appeal of Ronaldo.

      . In this way, we can see that a flower -hearted man, the same love woman is together, is really setting up. Some people say that Cristiano Ronaldo will be Hilton’s next playwoman. Believe in this statement.

      The people were more affectionate. For a while, they "appreciated" each other, and they also took their own needs. Don't check, be with each other, don't know if you don't play well, who really doesn't know who played? Intersection

      This, life is just a game. The real hero is too restrained. The real lady is too helpless. Live of their own style, maybe they have the suffering that they can't tell. Life must be happy, happy, maybe, maybe? Intersection

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