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    Elementary English issue


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. (A) 6. The doctor often tells him _____________ more exercise.
      The doctors often tell him ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________?
      a. To take b. TAKING C. Taken d. take
      tell sb. to do sth. "I did my homework and ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________s."

      a. Watch b. watch will watch d. am watching
      "and" indicates the relationship between the side.

      (A) 8. The whits ____________many places of the interest since. Are you in elementary school? "SINCE" is the adverbial time at the time of completion, that is, when you see this, you can use it now.
      (d) 9. I'm hungry. Please bring me aom ____________________________________________________________________________________________. n
      (b) 10. MOST of the Children enjoy __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________s. Like to do something

      (C) 11. This is miss gao. She ________Your New Teacher.

      (a) 12. He has two. One is new, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ na. The Other b. Other c. Others
      Disaster. One ... The Other ... refers to one ... the other ...
      because there are only two.

      (c) 13. "______________________________________________. n
      (b) 14. n The language must be speak
      (c) 15. Which is Smaller, The Sun ___________THE Moon?

      a. r n
      (a) 16. Do'T forget to turn___________tv before you go to be bed.
      na. Off b. to c. and
      To turn off

      (d) 17. "

      a. No, she didn'T b. yes, she didn'T

      c. No, she did d. yes, she did
      In a few words, you can think of it as "She Came to SCHOOL YESTERDAY" and translate him according to the semantics. Then the answer is "yes"

      (b) 18 18 "I'm Going to Hang zhou for a Holiday this weekend."

      "______________, can you buy me aomentea?" R
      a. B. IF C. While D. AFTER
      Conditional adverbial clause.

      (c) 19. n“______________ day is possible. It's no problem with me.”rnrnA. Either B. Neither C.Every D. Anyrn翻译得rnrn(B) 20. There is not enough _____________ in the corner to put the table.

      a. Place b. Room C. Floor d. Group n means space

      four four four .. Complete the following sentences according to Chinese meaning. Fill in the word each empty. (10 points in total, 1 point per empty)

      1. We should go for dinner.

      it ’s time _FOR___ USS to________________________________________________________________________________________________LAVE SUPPER.

      2. This building is as big as that building.

      this building is as large as that one.

      3. If you don't get up early, you will be late in school. rnrn__If____ you don’t get up early, you’ll ____be___ late for school.rnrn4. Wang Li ran so fast so that I couldn't keep up with him.

      wang li ran ________fast __that_____ i cored n’t catch up with him.

      5. Yesterday he did not go to bed until his homework.

      he did ____not_____________________ he fin history.
      nPS: Where are you? Is it so difficult for primary school English? Uh, I don't know what to ask me. Tingzi is so tired. Give more points.

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