• Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

    Can the chess and card room be reported?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Can the chess and card room be reported?”
    1. Legal analysis: If it constitutes a gambling gambling, it can be reported. If the chess room only charges normal places and service costs, it generally does not constitute gambling. According to the law, there is the following situations that constitute "gathers gambling": 1. Organize more than 3 people in gambling, the amount of tap fishery profits reaches more than 5,000 yuan; 3. Organize more than 3 gambling, and the number of gambling people has reached more than 20 or more; 4. Organize more than 10 citizens of the People's Republic of China to gamble abroad, and collect rebates and introduction fees from them. If the chess room has the above behavior, or knows that someone is engaged in the above behavior in his own chess and card room, and provides convenience for him, it will be considered to be gambling. If the chess and card room only provides a place for residents to entertain, it is not gaming.
      Legal basis: Article 70 of the "Penalty Penalty Law of the People's Republic of China" is for profit, providing conditions for gambling, or participating in gambling and gambling. ; The circumstances are serious, detained for more than ten days, 15 days, and fined for 500 yuan and less than 3,000 yuan.

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