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    Basketball quotes English term


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    1. Basketball quotes English term 1 best answer
      1. NBA various shooting methods
      (SLAM) nk: (powerful) slam dunk
      bank shot: rubbing the ball
      double pump: pull rod shot (VERB)
      fade-away shot : Rear back jumper
      HOOK SHOT: Hook shooting
      jump shot: jumper
      lay up: bring the ball on the basket
      perimeter shot: mid -range shot
      set shot shot : Standing Shooting
      Three-Point Shot: Three-point ball
      . NBA various statistical terms
      ASSIST: help
      block shop: blocking, covering hot pot
      defensive rebound: defense rebound
      Field Goal: pitching rate n Field Goal: Packing
      Free Throw: Punishment rate
      free throw: free throw offensive rebound: offensive rebound
      rebound: rebound
      scoring: score
      Steal: Test
      Three-point shop: three-pointer hit rate
      turnover: mistakes
      . Venue equipment
      backboard: rebound
      back count: backcourt
      free-throw lane: free throw circle, penalty area
      free-throw line: penalty line
      front count: Frontcourt
      Game cloc: Clock in the competition
      Halftime: midfield rest time
      hoop: basket frame, basket circle
      mid-court: midfield
      net: basket: basket Net
      Painted Area: Punishment circle, the restricted area
      area near the base: The small circle area under the basket frame in the penalty area
      RIM: basket frame, basket circle
      scoring table: record table , Substation
      Shot CLOCK: The time limit bell (the offensive party must shoot within 24 seconds, and the ball must be touched by the basket, otherwise it is violation)
      the three-point line: three points (ball) line r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      Top of the circle: Near three points (ball) near the top of the penalty area
      wing: (left and right) bottom line area
      4. Rules
      blocking foul: Blocking foul
      buzzer: (for competition) Bee tweezers (indicating time, replacement ..., etc.)
      charging foul: (with the ball) hit the person (foul foul) )
      Dead Ball: Dead ball (stop game period)
      defensive basket: Defensor interfere with the shot
      delay of game: "Graduation"
      double dribble: Two dribbles (illegal)
      ejection: Exit
      elbowing: Touring
      (of Game, First Half…): , In the first half of the game) At the end of the time
      FIRST HALF: the first half
      FIRST (Second, Third, FOURTH) Period: R nFIVE TICKS Left On the (Game CLOCK, Shot CLOCK…): (the whole game, the time limit ...) Only 5 seconds of Flagrant Foul: malignant foul
      foul: foul
      foul out: l n n, "Graduation"
      FOUL TROUBLE: As soon as you are full of departure, "get a allowable graduation certificate"
      full timeout: full time (100 seconds) pause
      : Drives the shot
      Hand-checking: Push the opponent's offensive player's foul action with the palm
      held Ball Violations
      ILlegal Offense: Offensive
      isolation: Four offensive players are on the side, and the fifth player eats the opponent's defensive player
      jump Ball: The ball
      Loose Ball Foul: The fouls when both sides have no ball right (usually occur in both sides when they are competing for rebounds)
      OFFENSIVE BASKET: The offensive interference is scored
      out of bound: Do not say Outside)
      overtime: overtime, extension of the match
      Referee: Referee
      Second Half: In the second half
      Shot clock violation: The requirements for the time limit of the time limit for shooting (and the ball must touch the basket) within 24 seconds
      : Replacement (playing, ending) r r
      : Stop the game (punishment)
      technical foul: Technical foul
      ten-seacond violalation: The offensive party illegally passed the midfielder in 10 seconds
      the three-seacond vilation vilation : (Under the basket) 3 seconds of violations
      Throw a punch: Fisting
      Throw in: Sending admission
      traveling: (with the ball) Timeout: There is only 20 seconds of pause
      Walking: (with the ball) walking
      5. Tactical chapter
      backdoor cut: Tactics from the bottom line from both sides
      block out: block the opponent's player so that it is not easy to be stronger to the basketball game. Double Team: Use two defensive players to attack players
      dribble out the time: The offensive side consumes the rest of the game Eat up the clock: The offensive side consumes the dribble or pass the ball. The rest of the game Fast Bream: Fast Object
      Foul Strategy: Fulled Tactics
      GIVE and Go: (Equades holding players) Cutting tactics
      Jockey for post: (under the basket) card position
      Milk the time away: The offensive side consumes the remaining time in the game by dribble or passing the game. Player) Shore-cutting tactics
      Post-up play: (Attack player holding the ball player back to the basket) Single the opponent's defensive player tactical Triple Team: Use three defensive players to attack the player
      Zone Defens: Regional defense, regional joint defense
      . Action
      (Throw a) Baseball Pass: (fast break) long pass
      (shoot) an Air Ball: (investment) out-of-basket empty heart ball, "
      behind-the-- back dribble: Behind (change of hand) dribble
      carrying the ball: "Top Ball"
      Cross-Leg Dribble: Under the Gas Drunk
      Dribble: Driving
      Driving to the HOOP: Bring the ball layup
      Four-point play: After scoring 3 points, he was fined for a foul. The Basket: Shooting
      Make The Hoop: Shooting
      Monster NK: Frenxing Slam Dunk
      othing But the Net: Homoton (Basket)
      reverse nk: inverted dunk
      reverse lay-up: backhand basket
      shoot behind the arc: three-pointer
      score a base: shot score
      SWISH: Homing ball (basket)
      Tap in: The ball enters the basket
      the three-point play: After scoring 2 points, he was punished for one point for being fouled
      7. Team player chapter
      Assistant coach: Assistant Coach
      Backcourt: defender (including ball control and score defender) Backup: reserve (replacement, support) player
      Bench: (referring to all) backup backup (替换,支持)球员rn   bench player:(指个人)后备(替换,支持)球员center中锋(又称5号位置球员)rn   coach:教练rn   frontline:锋线(包括Large striker, small forward, center)
      GM (general manager): Team manager
      mascot: team mascot
      MVP: Most valuable player
      one-guard: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control: control Ball defender
      point guard: Power control
      power forward: Big forward (also known as player No. 4)
      Rookie: The second year of player, Cainiao (player)
      shooting guard : Scoring defender
      SIXTH Man: Sixth person
      Small Forward: Small striker (also known as player No. 3)
      Sophomore: The second year of player
      starter: (refers to individual) First player
      starting lineup: (referring to all) the first player
      swingman: shake the person (referring to the player who can also be the player and the small striker) Trainer: team trainer
      two- Guard: Score defender
      veteran: Senior player, old bird (player)
      . Competition
      away game: away game
      final: Finals
      first rand: First round of competition
      GB (Games Behind): GUEST Team: The guest team
      Home Court: home
      Home Court Advantage: home advantage
      Home game: home game
      Home Team: home team
      , Language Display
      Post Season: playoffs
      regular season: quarterly
      Road game: away game
      schele: schedule
      semi-final: quasi-final
      Standings: Record (Table)
      Winning stream: Number of winning streaks, Liantian Records
      9. List of the NBA team
      Western West District
      Pacific Division Atlantic Group
      Golden State Warriors n Phoenix Suns Phoenix Sun Team
      Portland (referred to as Blazers) Portland Popularity team Kings Saramado King
      Seattle (Sonics) Seattle supersonic Midwest Division Midwest District
      Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks
      Denver Nuggets Denver BRIC Team
      Houston Rockets Houston Rockets
      MINESOTA TIMBER WOLELVES San Antonio Spurs n Vancouver Grizzlies Vancouver Grizzlies
      Eastland East District
      Atlantic division Atlantic Group
      Miami Heat Miami Hot Wave Team
      new York (referred to as Knicks) New York 76ers Ferrics Ferric City 76th Team
      Orlando Magic Orando Magic Team
      Boston Celtics Boston Seltiko Team
      New Jersey Nets Central Group
      Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Eagle Team
      Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornet
      Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls
      Cleveland Cavaliers
      Detroit Pistons Pistons
      Indiana Pacers India's Ana Sloting Horse Team
      Milwaukee Bucks Milwaki Bucks Team
      Toronto Raptors Toronto Tyrannosaurus Team
      Basketball Quotations English term 2 basketball vocabulary table
      Instructions: 1. The content in () can be omitted.
      2. The content in [] and the content of [] can be interchangeable.
      3. Repeating individual words and phrases, causing classification.
      4. Because different authors use very different words, there are many ways of expression in the same word. If there is no end and mistakes, please tell the author.
      . Basketball venue, device
      1.Playing Court Stadium
      2. Basketball
      3.team bench area n 5.Center [Halfway; Midfield] Line midline
      6.nd [base; touch] line end line; bottom line
      7.boundary line R n 9.Free Throw [Foul] line; Charity Line Punishment Ball line
      10.Free Throw [Foul; Charity] lane; lane; Paint free throw zone
      11.three-point line; Line
      12.Front Court frontcourt
      13.mid-Court midfielder
      14.back count backcourt
      15.CENTRE CIRCLE; Circle
      16. Area; Three-SECOND AREA [LANE]; Paint restricted area; 3 seconds zone
      17.ring; hoop; Iron hoop baskets
      18; CAGE Nets
      .lane Place Location Area
      20.Three-POINT FIELD GOAL AREAS three-point shooting area
      21.Neutral Zone
      22.backboard; n 23.Basket; GOAL; Bucket; Cage ball basket
      24.Basket Support baskets; basket frames
      25.Basket post rebound
      26.Uset Ball R n 27.Game CLOCK Competition Clock
      28.stop the clock watch
      29.Team Foul Marker s; S; Two number cards of fouls
      31.team Bench team seat
      32. Bench substitute team
      33.whistle whistle n 34.technical equipent technology equipment r
      35. Dimension of the Court area
      36. Own Basket Basketball
      37. Opponent's Basket Patriarch
      38. Court basketball court
      39. Free Throw Circle ; Perimeter; Painted Area free throw
      40. backboard; Glass transparent rebounds
      41. Time-out CLOCK timepiece
      42. Shot CLOT 24 seconds timer
      43. ANAA Stadium; Arena
      44. Court stadium; the field
      45. Home Court home L
      46. Lane penalty area, also as Free Throw Lane. When the basketball was just invented, the free throw area was slender, and its width was shorter than the diameter of the free throw arc. The shape was like the key, so it was also called the key.
      47. Locker Room locker room
      48. no-charge Area offensive area
      49. light unit lighting equipment
      50. Division zone
      51. Downloadn three points three points Outside of the line
      52. Low Post in the three seconds region, the sides of the basket, the part near the bottom line (low policy area). Commonly known as the inside and under the basket.
      53. High Post's surroundings of free throw arcs; high -level area; high -level area
      54. uniform; jersey athlete's vest; jersey
      55. Top of the circle near the top of the penalty area ( Ball) Line
      56. Wing (left, right) bottom line area; wings
      57. Half halftime
      58. war room combat room (team's conference room)
      59. Sports Center [Complex] Sports Center
      60. Gym (NASIUM); Indoor Stadium; Sports Hall Stadium
      61. [Playing] AREA; ARENA Contest [venue]
      62. Booking Office Ticketing Office
      63. Entrance Entry
      64. Stands; Gallery Stand
      65. Mainstand Positive Platform
      66. Seat Capacity
      68. rastrum podium
      69. Box box; specializing in a seat
      70. VIP BOX VIP seat
      71. Press Box reporter seat
      72. player's bench athlete seat
      73. (') Bench bench
      74. Referee's [umpire's] Table referee table
      75. Scoring Table
      76. Lounge lounge; n 77. Bathroom bathroom
      78.light gadget light emitting device
      79.Shower Room shower room
      80.; Marking Board; Score Indicator
      81.electric electronic score plate
      82.Flash Card
      83.Score Sheet scoring table
      84.public system broadcast system
      85.lighting Lighting
      86.Sporting Goods Sports
      87. Clothing; Protector protective tool n 88.wrist bandage [Pall] wrist care n 89.leg guard; R n 90.kneepad; Kneecap knee pad
      91.INSIDE EDGE of the Boundry Line boundary
      92.semi-circle half
      93.Pressure Release Ring pressure dunk
      94.board of the backboard rebounds
      95.New Ball new ball
      96.Spalding "Sibirine" brand
      97.Official Ball official game
      Basketball Quotes English Talk 3 Kobe Bryant (August 23, 1978-), American professional basketball player, has played for the NBA Los Angeles Lakers since 1996, scored a defender. Kobe Bryant was the son of former NBA basketball player Joe Briant. Kobe is one of the best rare breakups in the NBA. He is familiar with the breakthrough, shooting, free throws, and three -pointers. There is almost no attack on blind spots. The personal record of 81 points in a single game has strongly proved this. In addition to crazy scores, Kobe's organizational ability is also very outstanding, and often serves as the first sponsor of the team's attack. In addition, Kobe is also one of the best defensive people in the league, and personal defense is very compressed.
      1. "What I'm Doing Right Now, I'm Chasing."
      "Everything I do now is to pursue more perfect."
      2. "love me ORTe Me, ITS One or The Other. Always have been. Hate my game, my swagger. Hate my faceaway, my hunger. Hate that im a veternpion. Hate that. Im Loved, for the exact same reaSons. "Love me or hate me, there must be one of the two, always like this. Someone hates my game, my arrogance is arrogant; hate my back to shoot, my desire for victory; hate me as a veteran, hate me to win the championship. Hate, use all your minds to hate. However, there are many people who love me deeply, but the reason is the same as those who hate me.
      3. "I'm Do WHATEVER it takes to win games, when it is sitting on a bench waving a towl, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hands-winning shot." "In order to win the game, I can do whatever you want, whether you are sitting on the bench to deliver towels, water to the teammates, or go on the court to win."
      . "As far as carrying the torch For the year to come, I do know. I just want to be the best player I can be. "
      The best basketball player. "
      5." Negative -Pressure, -ILL An for Me to rise. " n 6. "I dont want to be the next michael jordan, I only want to be kobe bryant." English Words 4 1. Even if the world abandons me, there are basketball accompanied me-Kobe
      2. I will play every game as my last game-Iverson
      . If one day I have to climb away from the court, I will never let people carry me out. No one can lift me out, and it will never be possible-Monen
      4. 4. Don't change me to the end, I have more time to rest after death --- Buckley
      Basketball quotes English language. Take it back to recapture, retrieved someone's things
      Picking apart to dismiss the offensive
      shape up to enhance, improve
      sail over flying from head
      double r n Three-POINT SHOT three-pointers
      put up a shot to pitch
      a fast break fast attack
      Zone Defense Nets, score
      man-to-man people's stare defense
      free-throw line free throw line
      overtime overtime
      alley-oop high pass
      broken balls
      2. NBA (National) American Professional Basketball League ① Crossover Under the pass
      Top Center's top center
      Rebound rebounds
      end up end
      pump up to .. Qi
      Mark My Words believes me, I am right
      Shooting guard score defender
      point guard ball control
      block a shot block
      starter starting players
      ? n Drive the lane bottom line
      set up a pick and roll design pick-and-free tactics
      Muscles in forcibly cut
      3. Just do it
      full-count n n n n n Take it out to bring the ball out of the penalty area and then attack ③ Three-On-Three three-to-three competitions ④ Set OFFENS delay tactics
      dunk dunk, slam dunk n layup layup
      charge with the ball with The ball hit the bump ⑧ BUMP
      hack foul
      pickup game to the court to find someone to play the ball? Good shop! Good ball (shot)? Make a basket shot Division
      the game to Fifteen 15 minutes per game? Half-Court half games

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