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The Crossed Field Antenna & Nobel Prize: NEW !
Universal Expansion

Nobel Prize

Saul Perlmutter wins the 2011 Nobel Prize for his discovery of accelerated expansion of the Universe.

Engineered Affordance

A system that enters a coupling into a force-dynamic may effectively 'disconnect' from the self-reference of the local universe's energy-plenum (which supports an electrodynamical universe) by a local compression of the energy density of the local space-time (proximal to the resonant media).

This is to say, as cross-field antennas create an EM photon by phase rotation of the cancelling components of the cross-field, the Universal expansion may be locally 'cancelled' by a proximal compression of space-time within the oscillating media.

For what end?

The oscillation of an energy envelope upon the non-linear qualities of bent-space would create a series of zero-crossings that drift in absolute amplitude per crossing, in proportion to the energy-density of the local expanding Universe.

Between nodal crossings of energetic oscillations against space-time-consistency (ringing the hardness of space-time) there is a differential of absolute amplitude, measured locally. This differential may afford real work, at the expense of a slightly lessened expansion of all that is.

In analogy, a space-time-oscillator, per se, may be operated in an energy cycle similar, but thermodynamically, to the Sterling cycle.

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Low power CFA antennas are available now: NEW !

Low Power CFA is now available after new developments.

The First World DRM CFA, UK : NEW !

With high efficiency and very broad Band-width , were measured and approved by OFCOM/ARQIVA (UK).

NEW CFA in UK- Silsden -West Yorkshire: NEW !

A new medium wave 8 m Omni Direction CFA was built in the UK, and was tested by Ofcom/Arqiva , with good results , as a new step forward for worldwide marketing the CFA , and re-starting the IOM 279 project .

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History Check by Antenna 2001 :

Sydney CFA was better than the quarter antenna ; click here for Details.

CFA World Prize from (ABU): ABU Certificate

" Dr. F. M. Kabbary ", "Prof. M. C. Hetaly", and "Dr. B. Stewart" have won World Prize from "The Asian Broadcasting Union" (ABU) for The "Best Article".

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